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end sexual frustrationSexual frustration sucks. Quite literally. Feeling sexually frustrated most of the time sucks the life blood from you, makes you feel unfulfilled, guilty, irrational and just plain fed-up. You can’t concentrate, your mind is constantly distracted and you have difficulty paying attention to anything! Fed up with it driving you crazy?!

When you’re constantly aroused, it almost seems like you’re feeling horny all of the time. As well as making you lose focus at work; feeling so aroused can make you feel like you’re missing out on enjoying life – because you’re so consumed with thinking about sex, it’s hard to focus on anything else long enough to enjoy it.

The more you try to ignore these thoughts and feelings the more frustrated you become. It seems like you can’t stop thinking about your penis or vagina, sex and related sexual subjects!

This is actually what is making you feel sexually frustrated

Think about it for a moment. If I tell you not to think about a black car, what immediately comes to mind?
A picture of a black car.

What I’m saying is, you can’t just try and not think about sex and hope your frustration will go away – because that’s not how your BRAIN works.

So how do I regain control of myself?

Your brain runs on procedures and it requires a specific sequence of thought to turn sexual arousal off like a light switch. It’s a very basic sequence of thought – but without doing this sequence in the correct order, you are dooming yourself to feeling sexually frustrated.

See, if you get any part of the sequence wrong, you will unequivocally jam the sexual circuit – and the arousal program will keep running in the background, distracting you and increasing your feelings of frustration.

You can search the internet for months but you won’t find a faster method for ending sexual frustration.

The lurking danger of sexual frustration

Male or female, every time you suppress your sexual arousal you are weakening the ‘signals’ between your brain and your genitals and are fast-tracking your way to sexual dysfunction problems. Statistics show that 50% of men and women over 40 suffer from sexual dysfunction. That could be you – if you don’t learn this method to turn sexual arousal off when you need to.

I can help you solve all of those problems – but you’re better off avoiding them in the first place, by learning how to easily take charge of your sexual arousal now.

Jacqui Olliver - Sex TherapistWho am I?
I’m Jacqui Olliver – The Technique Modifier at End the Problem. I’ve helped MANY men and women end their sexual frustration (and other sexual problems) by understanding exactly how to control the communication between their brain and their penis or vagina. I even treat medical specialists for these problems:

“Being a medical specialist, I am amazed at Jacqui’s knowledge and insights regarding this subject matter – I know for sure there is no-one else teaching this! It is amazing! Jacqui is a true problem solver. Every male should have this education!” Sam

My schedule is full so I have put my knowledge of how to intermittently turn off your sexual switch as required – into an easy to follow step-by-step report, so you can end your sexual frustration problem TODAY. This easy method will enable you to turn ALL UNWANTED AROUSAL off and won’t affect your ability to become aroused when you WANT to be (unless you have chronic health issues.)

So here it is… and yes, there is a male version and a female version!

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration
How to Turn Sexual Arousal OFF in 10 Seconds!

male report end female sexual frustration report


Now let’s get clear on what this report doesn’t do:

⇒ It doesn’t end the frustration caused by sexual problems such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction – you need more in-depth knowledge to end those problems

⇒ It won’t magically end your relationship stress – but it WILL prevent you from putting your partner off sex by being sexually needy and overbearing

⇒ It won’t take you hours to read and master the technique – this report is short and concise (about 6 pages) and the technique will take you just 10 minutes to learn (and only ONE day to master!)

What this report CAN do for you:

⇒ It can totally eliminate the sexual frustration caused by accidentally jamming your sexual arousal circuit

⇒ Put you in TOTAL CONTROL of your sexual arousal – so regardless of whether or not you have access to frequent sex (or not) you can still have full control over your desires

⇒ Enable you to enjoy arousal (and having a high sex drive) without it driving you crazy!

⇒ And you will be able to turn your sexual arousal “switch” on and off as required. No more visiting porn sites, desperately trying to relieve yourself.

Now I’m not going to charge you for this report – because I want you to solve your problem right now!

I’m told this breakthrough report is so valuable, that I should increase the price to $47!

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration
How to Turn Sexual Arousal OFF in 10 Seconds!

It’s FREE. Click on the male or female version, for instant access.


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Conversation with Aaron: “My constant sexual desire is driving me crazy! I can’t focus at work and I constantly fear that my wife will find out about how I am dealing with my sexual frustration problem – which is mentally and financially crippling me.”

The day after I sorted his problem:
“Thank you very much for yesterdays wonderful session. It was amazing and I felt really good after I left for home – which was something I never experienced before. I worked today and when I looked at women my feelings were neutral. I wasn’t sexually aroused, I mean I was, but I could easily control it. Thank you for teaching me this technique and for being there. I appreciate your study over sex and understanding the switch on and off technique with ease. Great going!!”

In this easy to read report you will gain the mechanics required, to turn unwanted arousal OFF within seconds. The exact procedure. Step by step, so you don’t accidentally jam the arousal circuit and make your problem worse.

I know this problem has been driving you crazy for a long period of time. I get this. I understand how distressing it is for you – and I also know that these problems don’t go away by themselves – they just manifest into bigger problems. Many of my clients are testimony to this fact.

I’ve also lost count of the number of people who have ended their problems with my simple technique. What are you waiting for?? You could be ending your sexual frustration within minutes!

Stop being a victim of your body’s own programs, regain control of yourself and enjoy your new-found ability to feel relaxed and at ease.

Jacqui Olliver




Jacqui Olliver - Sex Therapist

PS: Thanks for taking the time to read about my “3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration” report. You’ve seen how it will eliminate weeks of unnecessary tension and stress AND give you the opportunity to enjoy your sexual arousal any time, anywhere – instead of it driving you crazy…

Remember that if you are suppressing sexual arousal, you COULD end up with erection problems if you’re a man, or libido problems if you’re a woman – and that would lead to even MORE stress than you have now. Deal with the problem now, before it becomes a bigger problem.

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